Pivot columns into rows and columns. Values are count of pairs of rows and columns or aggregation of another column.

How to Access This Feature

  • Click "+" button and select "Pivot"

From Column Menu

  • You can also select "Pivot" from column menu of the column you want to pivot.


  1. Rows - select columns for Pivot Row.
  2. Columns - select colums for Pivot Columns.
  3. Value (Optional) - A column for values in output data frame.


  • Remove NA - The default is TRUE. If NA should be removed from value.
  • Fill NA with - The default is 0. This is what should be used for missing value in groups.


Original data:

clarity certification colourprice
VVS2HRD F10796
VS1GIA F1551
VS1 GIA F 4291
VVS2 GIA F 5881
VS2 GIA H 4585
VVS2 GIA H 5193

if you set row: clarify, colour columns: certification value: price fill:0
it returns data frame with rows of combinations of clarity and colour and with columns of certification. Values are sum of price and missing values are filled by 0.

clarity_colour GIA HRD
VS1_F 5842 0
VS2_H 4585 0
VVS2_F 5881 10796
VVS2_H 5193 0

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