Missing Value Handling

Missing Value Hanlding is available in the following charts.

  • Bar

  • Line

  • Area

  • Pie / Ring

  • Histogram

  • Density Plot

  • Boxplot

  • Violin Plot

  • Error bar

  • Error Bar (Summarized Data)

  • Map - Long/Lat

Show Unused Factor Levels

You can set to show or hide the unused factor levels.

Missing Value Hanling in Line chart

At the Y Axis of Line chart, you have the following missing value handling options.

  • None - Do nothing.

  • Fill with NA - Fill the missing value with NA. The line will be intermittent.

  • Fill with Zero

  • Fill with Previous Value

  • Fill with Next Value

For "Fill with Previous Value" and "Fill with Next Value" options, you have the "Range to Fill Through" option. Following options are available.

  • End of Each Color - Value filling happens within each color range.

  • End of All - Value filling happens for the whole data range.