R Package Install

Install from CRAN

You can install your preferred R packages from CRAN where you can find over 9,000 (as of 2016/8/20) packages.

1. Click on 'R Packages' on the project list page.

2. Click 'Install' tab.

3. Type the package name and click on Install button.

Install R Packages that are not on CRAN

If you want to install R packages that are not on CRAN, then you can install them in the standard R console by setting ‘libPath’ so that the packages will be installed into the location Exploratory is referencing to, which is under /.exploratory/R .


install.packages("./h2o_3.14.0.3.tar.gz", repos = NULL)

If you want to use the functions from this custom R package as part of the command line then you want to add a custom R Script file that contains ‘library’ call so that your custom R package will be loaded. Please refer to this blog post for how to add R Script to the projects.

How to use installed R packages?

Here is a blog post that walk you through how to install and use your preferred R packages in Exploratory Desktop.

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