Word Count

Runs text analysis based on frequency and co-occurrence of words.

Input Data

Input data should contain following column.

  • Text Column - The column of the text data.


  • Sample Data Size - Number of rows to sample before running the analysis.

  • Text Tokenization

    • Remove Stopwords

    • Language for Stopwords

    • Additional Stopwords

    • Words To Be Treated As One Word - If a word or phrase that should be treated as one token is separated into multiple tokens, it can be fixed by specifying the word/phrase here.

    • Remove Punctuations

    • Remove Numbers

    • Remove Hiragana Only Words - You can treat often meaningless short Japanese Hiragana words as stopwords altogether by selecting an option here.

  • Words - Bar

    • Number of Words to Show

  • Word Cloud

    • Number of Words to Show

    • Min Word Size (px)

    • Max Word Size (px)

    • Rotated Text Ratio (0-1)

    • Chart Width (px)

    • Chart Height (px)

  • Word Pairs - Bar

    • Number of Word Pairs to Show

  • Word Pairs - Network

    • Number of Words to Show

    • Max Size of Circle (px)

    • Criterion for Size of Circle

    • Max Width of Edge (px)

    • Font Size (Ratio)

R Package

Text Analysis Analytics View uses the quanteda R Package under the hood.

Exploratory R Package

For details about quanteda usage in Exploratory R Package, please refer to the github repository