You can quickly import data from your Salesforce into Exploratory.

1. Open Salesforce Import dialog

Select 'Cloud Apps Data' from Add New Data Frame menu.

Click Snowflake to select.

If this is your first time to use Salesforce for the first time, below Dialog shows up.

2. Preview and Import

Click "Run" button to see the data back from Salesforce. You can add filters to limit your query results.

3. Using Parameters inside Filters.

First, click the Add Filter Button.

Click the Create Parameter button.

Then define a parameter and click Save button.

Finally, you can select the parameter for the filter like below.

Click the Parameter link to open the parameter pane.

Select the parameter value and click the Run button, then you can previewed the data filtered by the parameter.

If it looks ok, then you can click 'Save' to import the data into Exploratory.

4 Restriction

To use Salesforce Data Source, your Salesforce edition needs to be one of the followings:

  • Enterprise Edition

  • Unlimited Edition

  • Developer Edition

  • Performance Edition

Salesforce editions with API access

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