Factor Analysis

Factor Analysis

Runs factor analysis, which tries to explain number of variables as observable results of potentially lower number of unobserved variables, called factors.

Input Data

Input data should contain following columns.

  • Variable Columns - Set of observed numeric columns.

  • Color By - Value of the column is used for color of each dot on the Biplot.

  • Label Column - Value of the column is shown on the Biplot as the label of each dot, or as an item on the mouse-over balloon.


  • Sample Data Size - Number of rows to sample before running factor analysis.

  • Factor Analysis

    • Number of Factors

    • Factoring Method

    • Type of Scores

    • Type of Rotation

  • Data Preprocessing

    • Random Seed - Seed used to generate random numbers. Specify this value to always reproduce the same result.

R Package

Factor Analysis Analytics View uses the psych R Package under the hood.

Exploratory R Package

For details about psych usage in Exploratory R Package, please refer to the github repository

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