Market Basket


Find rules of what tend to occur at the same time from transaction data.

How to Access?

You can access from 'Add' (Plus) button.

How to Use?

Column Selection

  • Product (Subject Column) - Set a column to find rules for. If it's purchasing data, this should be a column of product names.

  • Basket (Key Column) - Set a column to use as an id of transactions.


  • Minimum Item Length, Maximum Item Length (Optional) - As default, minlen is 1 and maxlen is 5. How many subjects should appear in a rule.

  • Minimum Support Value, Maximum Support Value (Optional) - As default, min_support is 0.1 and max_support is 1. The range of support value for results.

  • Minimum Confidence Value (Optional) - The default is 0.5. The minimum value of confidence.

  • Left Hand Side Items, Right Hand Side Items (Optional) - The default is NULL. What subjects should come to lhs or rhs.

  • Maximum Number of Items in a Basket - Maximum number of most frequent items in a basket to keep before running rule mining algorithm (Apriori algorithm). Less frequent items are dropped so that rule mining completes within reasonable time.

Step-by-Step Tutorial with Grocery store data.