Column Assignments

  • Value - Assign columns containing values that you want to show on the radar. You need at least 3 columns to render a Radar chart. You can assign any type of columns. You need to assign an aggregation function to calculate a value that represents each column.

  • Color By - You can draw radars for each of its values. Take a look at Color section for more details.

  • Repeat By - You can assign a column to repeat the chart for each of its values. Take a look at Repeat By section for more details.


You can categorize numeric values inside the chart. See Category(Binning) for the detail.

Start Position

You can set the starting point of the radar. The following options are available.

  • Top (Default)

  • Bottom

  • Left

  • Right

Limit Values

You can use Limit Values to filter the categories by the aggregated values. See Limit Values for the detail.

'Others' Group

If you have many categories, you can reduce the number of categories by changing some category names to 'Others' using the 'Others' Group feature. See 'Others' Group for the detail.

Rename Column Names

You can use the Rename Column Names feature to update column names if you assign multiple columns to Value. See Rename Column Names for the detail.

Show Detail

You can show the detailed data underlying the chart by clicking the chart figure. See Show Detail for the detail.

Layout Configuration

Take a look at Layout Configuration on how to configure the layout and format.

Save as an Image

You can save the chart as an image file. See Save as PNG/SVG for more details.

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