Color Setting

You can update the color setting from the Color setting dialog.

How to Open

You can click the gear icon at Color By to open the Color setting dialog.

The following options are available.

  • Color Palette - You can pick your favorite color palette for the chart from here.

  • Reverse Palette Order - You can check it to apply the color from the last to the first of the palette.

  • Opacity

  • Color Bar Range - Only applicable for Heatmap and Contour chart types.

Customize the color palette

You can create your own color palettes from the User Color Palette dialog. Here is how to open the User Color Palette dialog.

  • Scroll down the Color Palette dropdown menu to the bottom.

  • Select "Add/Edit Color Palette".

You can also access the User Color Palette dialog from the project menu dropdown.

See User Color Palette for how to use the User Color Palette dialog.


You can change the color of the specific markers such as bars, lines or circles that you pick to stand out from others. See Highlight for the detail.

Edit Display Name

You can edit the display name of the color values. See Edit Display Name for the detail.

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