Takes multiple columns and collapses into key-value pairs, duplicating all other columns as needed.

How to Access This Feature

From + (plus) Button

  • Click "+" button and select "Gather".

From Column Menu

  • You can also select columns to gather first, and then select "Gather (Unpivot)" from the column menu of one of the selected columns.

Gather (Unpivot) Columns into Key/Value Column Pair

  1. Select Columns to Gather

    • Select "Include" or "Exclude" depending on whether you are specifying the columns to gather or the columns not to gather.

    • Select the rule for specifying the columns.

    • Fill the rest of parameters in "Select Column" section.

  2. Specify names of Key/Value Columns to create by typing the names in "Key Column" and "Value Column" text fields.

  3. Specify parameters in the "Parameters" section.

    • Remove NA - Select TRUE to remove NA rows from the result

    • Guess column data type - Select TRUE to automatically guess the most possible data type for the key column.

  4. Click "Run" to gather columns into key/value column pair.