Google Spreadsheet

1. Select Google Spreadsheet Data Menu

Click '+' button next to 'Data Frames' and select 'Import Cloud Apps Data'.

Click 'Google Sheets'

2. OAuth Setting

Create a connection following this instruction.

3. Set Parameters

  • Select a Drive if you have Shared Drives. If you don't have Shared Drives, it only shows defualt drive which is My Drive.

  • Select Google Spreadsheet name from the dropdown menu

  • Select Worksheet name from the dropdown menu

  • Set parameters for how to read the data.

Now you can set below parameters:

  1. First row as header - Set Yes if the first row is the header row.

  2. Skip first N rows - Number of lines to skip before reading data

  3. Timezone - Timezone you want to use for the POSIXct columns

  4. Treat these as NA - Character vector of strings to interpret as missing values.

4. Preview and Import

Click 'Get Data' button

If the data in the preview table look ok, then click 'Save' button to import the data into Exploratory.

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