Normality Test

Runs Normality Test, which checks if distribution of columns can be normal distribution.

Input Data

Input data should contain following columns.

  • Variables - Numeric column(s) to check if its distribution can be normal distribution.

Analytics Properties

  • Sample Data Size - Number of rows to sample before testing normality.

  • Random Seed - Seed used to generate random numbers. Specify this value to always reproduce the same result.

  • P Value Threshold - If P value is larger than this value, the variable (column) is considered to be distributed normally.

How to Use This Feature

  1. Click Analytics View tab.

  2. If necessary, click "+" button on the left of existing Analytics tabs, to create a new Analytics.

  3. Select "Normality Test" for Type.

  4. Select Variables column.

  5. Click Run button to run the analytics.

  6. Select view type by clicking view type link to see each type of generated visualization.

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