Data Import

  1. Import Data

  2. Update Data Import Setting

  3. Re-Import (Re-load) Data

File import

  • CSV - Comma Separated Files

  • TSV - Tab Separated Files

  • Delimited Files

  • Excel

  • Statistical Files - SPSS / SAS / STATA

  • R Data Files - RDS, RData

  • JSON


  • Amazon Redshift

  • PostgreSQL

  • HP Vertica

  • MySQL

  • MariaDB

  • Google BigQuery

  • MongoDB

Cloud Apps

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Spreadsheet

  • Twitter

  • Github Issues


  • REST APIs / Remote JSON

  • Web Page Scraping

Custom Data with R Script

You can create your own custom data sources by writing R Script or using R packages like quantmod for financial data, gtrend for Google Trend, Rfacebook.

User Defined Plugin

You can hook up your custom data source to Exploratory's Data Import Dialog UI by writing a plugin definition file (with data source definition like input parameters, underlying R function name, etc) with JSON format and corresponding R Script.

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