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Exploratory Desktop is a simple and modern UI experience for extracting data, wrangling with data, visualizing data, using statistical and machine learning algorithms to analyze data, and communicating insights with others via Dashboard, Note, and Slides.
It utilizes R as its backend and provides the best UI experience for accessing many amazing capability of R without programming.
This documentation is about how to use Exploratory Desktop.

Tutorials / Getting Started

There are many 'how-to' tutorials you want to check to learn Data Science techniques and methods. Take a look at our How-To repository to find useful tutorials.
If you are just starting out Exploratory, we'd recommend you take a look at 'Getting Started Guide' first. It walks you through the basics of how you can use Data Wrangling, Visualization, Analytics, Dashboard features inside Exploratory.
  • Getting Started Guide (English) - Link
  • Getting Started Guide (日本語) - Link
If you have any question please contact [email protected]
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