Pie / Ring Chart

You can visualize the ratio of the data in pie/ring shapes. It is suitable to compare the ratios among the groups.

Column Assignments

  • Color - Assign a column for groups. Take a look at Color section for more details.
  • Value - Assign a data column you want to visualize and compare. The column data should be numeric.
  • Sort By Value - If you check it, the color sort is based on the size of the values. If you uncheck it, the color sort is based on the data. If you assign a character column, it will be in an alphabetical order. If you assign a factor column, the order will be in the factor level order.
  • Repeat By - You can assign a column to repeat the chart for each of its values. Take a look at Small Multiple section for more details.
  • Style - You can choose Pie or Ring style.

Layout Configuration

  • Show Percentages - Show percentage numbers on the plot area.
  • Show Values - Show the actual numbers on the plot area.
  • Show Labels - Show the category names on the plot area.
  • Hole Size - The ratio of the hole size. If you set 0, it becomes a pie chart.

Take a look at Layout Configuration on how to configure the layout and format.

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