Predict Data - Survival

Predict with Survival Model.

How to Access This Feature

From + (plus) Button

From a step that creates a Survival Model, you can access this feature from 'Add' (Plus) button. Select one of the 3 "Predict" menus.

How to Use This Feature

  1. With "Data" dropdown, select data to predict on from the following options.

    • Training - Get predicted values on training data.
    • Test - Get predicted values on test data.
    • Data Frame - Get predicted values on other data frame.
  2. Select "Type of Prediction" from the following options.

    • Linear Predictor - lp - Risk Score on a log scale.
    • Risk Score - exp(lp) - Score for the risk that the event happens within a unit time for the subject.
    • Expected Number of Events - Number of events that would happen on average for a subject that has same condition as the subject during the time the subject has survived.
    • Status at Specified Time - Predicted status of the subject at the specified time.
  3. Select "Type of Residual" from the following options.

    • Martingale
    • Deviance
    • Score
    • Schoenfeld
    • Schoenfeld (Scaled)
    • DFBETA
    • DFBETA (Scaled)
  4. Click "Run" button to run the prediction.

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