Import Twitter Search API data

You can query and extract Twitter's tweet data.

1. Select Twitter Search Data Menu

Click '+' button next to 'Data Frames' and select 'Import Cloud Apps Data'.

Click 'Twitter Search'

2. OAuth Setting

Create a connection following this instruction.

3. Input parameters

  • Max # of tweets - Set max number of the tweets to return.
  • Language - Set a language code if you want to limit the tweets to search.
  • Last N Days - Set number of the past days for the search data.
  • Search Text - Type text to search.

4. Preview and Import

Click Preview button to see the data back from Twitter. If it looks ok, then you can click 'Import' to import the data into Exploratory.


How to build search query?

You can find the search query syntax from Twitter's Search API page.

Note that due to the Twitter Search API’s restriction, the data is supposed to be only for 7 days period, though it returns 10 days of the data in most cases.

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