PostgreSQL Database Data Import

You can quickly import data from your PostgreSQL Database into Exploratory.

1. Create a Connection to use

Create a connection following this instruction.

  • Whether the connection is SSL or not is automatically detected.

2. Open PostgreSQL Import dialog

Click '+' button next to 'Data Frames' and select 'Import Database Data'.

Click PostgreSQL to select.

3. Preview and Import

Click Preview button to see the data back from your PostgreSQL db.

If it looks ok, then you can click 'Import' to import the data into Exploratory.

4. Using Variables in SQL

First, create a custom R script.

Second, define a variable in the R script and save.

cutoff_date <- "\'2016-01-15\'"

Note that the ‘\’ (backslash) symbols are used to escape the single quotes, which are required to be used for characters in SQL queries.

Finally, you can use @{} to surround a variable name inside the query like below.

select *
from airline_2016_01
where fl_date > @{cutoff_date}

Here's a blog post for more detail.

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