Error Bar Chart

Column Assignments

  • X-Axis - Assign a column you want to show at X-Axis. If it's a Date / Time column assigned, you can select the aggregation level such as Month, Week, Day, etc. If you assign a Number column, you can choose either As Number to treat values as continuous values or As Text to treat values as categorical values.
  • Y-Axis - Assign a column you want to show at Y-Axis. If it's a Numeric column assigned, you can set the aggregation function such as Sum, Mean (Average), etc. to aggregate the values. You can also assign a Window Calculation from the gear icon on Y-Axis. Look at Window Calculation section for details.
  • Color - Take a look at Color section for more details.
  • Sort - Assign a column to use for Sorting the X-Axis values. The default is based on either the alphabetic order or the factor level order for Factor type columns.
  • Repeat By - You can assign a column to repeat the chart for each of its values. Take a look at Small Multiple section for more details.

Range Type

You can select from one of the following range types. The default is Standard Error.

  • Standard Error
  • Confidence Interval (95%)
  • Standard Deviation

Graph Type

You can select from one of the following graph types. The default is Bar.

  • Bar
  • Marker

Layout Configuration

Take a look at Layout Configuration on how to configure the layout and format.

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