Step by Step Tutorials

Exploratory Desktop provides a streamlined experience for Data Wrangling, Visualization & Machine Learning, powered by R.

To help you become most productive for working with any data and gaining deep insights with Exploratory Desktop, we have prepared a set of tutorials. Each tutorial is designed to address a different use case so you don't need to follow any particular order. However, we'd recommend you take a look at 'Quick Start Guide'

Quick Start Guide

Data Source Type

MongoDB Data

Working with MongoDB can be challenging due to the nature of NoSQL database, which is highly optimized for capturing the data but not for querying or analyzing the data. Unlike relational database or tabular data, the data is often hierarchical and nested and contains the array type of data. With Exploratory, not only can you extract the data from MongoDB quickly, but also you can make such non-tidy (not tabular / not normalized) data to tidy format based on your needs and apply statistical analysis easily. This tutorial walk you through the steps.


Amazon Redshift Database

Web Scraping

Access Log Data

Stripe Data

MailChimp Data

Google Analytics Data

Data Wrangling

Analytics / Machine Learning

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