You can get your MailChimp related data quickly.

1. Select MailChimp Data Menu

Click '+' button next to 'Data Frames' and select 'Import Cloud Apps Data'.
Click 'MailChimp'

2. OAuth Setting

Create a connection following this instruction.

3. Input parameters

Set these parameters.
  • Data Type - Select a type of MailChimp data set.
    • Members - Get members and all of their associated details.
    • Subscriber Activities - Get all Subscriber Activity.
    • Authorized Apps - Get registered, connected apps for your MailChimp account with the Authorized Apps endpoints.
    • Automations - Get a summary of an account’s Automations. Automation is a paid feature that lets you build a series of triggered emails that are sent to subscribers over a set period of time.
    • Batches - Get a summary of batch requests that have been made.
    • Batch Webhooks - Get all webhooks that have been configured for batches.
    • Campaign Folders - Get all folders used to organize campaigns.
    • Campaigns - Get all campaigns in an account.
    • E-commerce Stores - Get information about all stores in the account.
    • File Manager Files - Get a list of available images and files stored in the File Manager for the account.
    • File Manager Folders - Get a list of all folders in the File Manager.
    • Lists - Get information about all lists in the account.
    • Reports - Get campaign reports.
    • Template Folders - Get all folders used to organize templates.
  • Date Range - Select a type of date filtering. If you choose 'After This Date', you can indicate explicit date like '2015-11-03' in 'Value for Date Range'. If you choose 'Last N ~', you can indicate a positive integer in 'Value for Date Range' and data is filtered by the number with the time unit in the option.
  • Value for Date Range - If this is empty, all data is imported. If 'Date Range' is 'After This Date', this should be explicit date like '2015-11-03'. If 'Date Range' is 'Last N ~', this should be a positive integer.

4. Preview and Import

Click Preview button to see the data back from MailChimp. If it looks ok, then you can click 'Import' to import the data into Exploratory.